Review: The Unexplainable Store

Binaural Beats

The Unexplainable Store is an online audio meditation store that is just full of goodies.

What is the Unexplainable Store?

Unlike other online audio meditation programs, the Unexplainable Store allows its customers to purchase MP3 tracks that are custom-tailored for specific needs. For example, let’s say that you have regular headaches.

Instead of making you purchase an all-purpose audio meditation package, the Unexplainable Store lets you purchase a track that is especially designed to help alleviate headaches.

Every track on the Unexplainable Store exists in two formats: Binaural  or Isochronic tones.

The technical details that explain the differences are available to their site, so I won’t bore you with them. However, as a basic rule, Isochronic tones work faster and can be more effective, which is why they are slightly more expensive.


In addition to audio tracks, the Unexplainable Store also sells crystals which help enhance the effect of the audio tracks. Those crystals have to be psychically charged before being activated.

However, I can’t really comment on the crystals, because I have only tried the audio tracks.

Did the audio tracks work?

I purchased the Isochronic track for arthritis  a few weeks back and, I have to say that I have seen a real improvement in terms of pain.

Now, I know that skeptics will say that it is a placebo effect, etc… However, placebo effect or not, it DID work! And it continues to do so.

As a side note, the track is not really pleasant to listen to. However, in my mind, I see it as swallowing cough syrup. It may not taste good, but it’s worth it! ;)

Rating: 5/5

Review: Lucid Dreaming Program

Do you want to be able to alter dreams like Leonard di Caprio in Inception?

Before finding out about this program, I had actually never heard of the idea of lucid dreaming.

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the ability to realize that you are dreaming while in the middle of a dream.

While this method can be used just for fun by creating fantasy worlds while dreaming, it can also allow you to reprogram your brain.

Imagine for example that, every night, you start dreaming about positive future events. Instead of having nightmares or boring dreams, you end up dreaming about being rich, confident or stress-free. Based on the theory of mental reprogramming, this lets your brain change the way it perceives the world and the way it anticipates future events.

Now, that’s the theory… But, what did I really experience?

Well, the first night after starting the program was actually pretty boring. As far as I can remember, I didn’t dream that night.

However, the second night, right after I dozed off, I fell into a very vivid dream. It was something I had never experienced before. Not only was I able to realize that I was dreaming, I also could slightly alter the dream’s environment. Basically, my dream started in a beach house, based primarily on a beach house I stayed at when I was a kid. Just by thinking about it, I managed to turn that dream house into a huge castle! I then tried to turn it to a New-York apartment like the one I lived in when I was in college, and it also worked!

I have now been trying this method for about ten days and, while I don’t dream every night, I’ve had six lucid dreams so far. Not bad!

What do you get when purchasing Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation?

This is the great part about this program, it’s just chock-full of goodies.

Basically, the program consists of a main e-book and the audio tracks needed to induce lucid dreams. In addition, you also get an e-book on meditation and one of hypnosis. As a time-limited offer, the producer also gives you 5(!) extra e-books on topics related to lucid dreaming. Overall, quite a good deal!

RATING: 4.5/5

Review: Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

Review of Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

If you have been following me for a while, you now know that I regularly have trouble sleeping and that I am prone to anxiety attacks that border on full-blown panic attacks.

When I found out about Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation a couple of weeks ago, I was highly skeptical of their claims, but, oddly enough, this program worked for me and I have never slept better and felt as good as I now do.

What is Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation about?

After ordering this program, I got a collection of high-quality sound files that contain specific sounds. According to the developers who created this method, those sounds stimulate the parts of your brain that control the release of powerful mood-altering hormones, such as melatonin and serotinin. Since those hormones are linked to conditions such as anxiety and depression when they are insufficiently present in your body, I guess it’s a good thing that those sounds help increase their production. ;)

How does it feel like?

Unlike other methods, listening to the Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation tracks is actually quite pleasant. I have not noticed any weird buzzing sound during the fifteen listening sessions I have gone through so far.

Instead, the sound files contain soothing sounds such as waves or rainfall. Since Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation uses a binaural technology, you might notice slight differences between the left and right tracks when listening, though.

Did it work?

Yep, it sure did. As I previously mentioned, I have now listened to the tapes more than fifteen times, and each time I feel more rejuvenated.

After listening to the files in my bed with my MP3 player, I feel calmer and I seem to have gained additional mental clarity.

What do you get when purchasing Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation?

After purchasing Trypnaural Brainwave Entrainment Meditation, I got the sound files along with several video tutorials on how to use the method. Freebies such as prayers and various E-book tutorials are also included.



How to Play Guided Meditation Tracks?

One of the most popular questions when it comes to audio guided meditation is: “How do I use it? What equipment do I need?”

The answer to that is easy: use it any way you want, as long as you are not currently driving or operating dangerous equipment.

Personally, I like to do it on my bed with using earphones and my cellphone as an MP3 player.

However, I have also talked to people who like to do it at lunch time in their office. Or people who use their home stereo to play meditation tracks while they are relaxing on the couch.

There is “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Simply find the method and setting that most corresponds to your needs and personality.

Does Meditation Go Against Christian Beliefs?

First off, let me say that I am a Christian woman, but I have tremendous respect for all world religions.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not strictly something that you find in Oriental religions.

When Jesus went to the desert for forty days, he practiced meditation, according to the Bible.

Similar examples can be found in all major sacred books, from the Torah to the Koran.

Meditation is simply a way to reconnect with your inner self, what we religious people call the “soul.”

As such, there is probably nothing as sacred as meditation, as I truly believe that it helps you get closer to God.

Feeling blue

When my son safely returned home from Iraq in February, I was elated.

Never have I experienced such joy than on the day I finally got reunited with him after all those months of anguish, anxiously watching the news each day.

However, I have now started to slip into depression again. Anxiety is back, roaring…

This is the primary reason I started this blog. I have now been using audio guided meditation for over two months and I can feel that I am getting better, day by day.

If you also feel that you are slipping into depression, please do not despair. The solution is out there.

I know it because I found it.